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Enjoying confidence means: taking on responsibility, providing security, fulfilling expectations, opening new possibilities. Far beyond the usual horizon or current moment. Especially where human health is concerned.

ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS® is the ideal partner for both suppliers and buyers as well as for dealers and importers of medical technology. Our full range of surgical instruments and related products will certainly provide you with a complete solution for your particular needs. With the best German OP quality. And at a price-performance ratio which is second to none.

Get the benefits of an original supplier of surgical instruments at the manufacturer’s level. On the pulse of technological development.

Important information about isolated tubes and specula

Dear Sir or Madam,

The new MDR has also compelled us to make compromises.
We unfortunately find ourselves in a position where some of our products cannot meet the requirements of the MDR and, for economic reasons, we will therefore have to remove the following instruments from our range:

40-2909-07, 40-2909-09, 40-2909-11
40-3100-18, 40-3101-18
46-0501-01, 46-0501-02, 46-0501-03,
46-0501-03, 46-0501-04, 46-0501-05,
46-0501-06, 46-0501-07
46-0502-01, 46-0502-02
70-1104-01, 70-1104-02, 70-1104-03
70-1204-01, 70-1204-02, 70-1204-03
70-1108-01, 70-1108-02, 70-1108-03
70-1208-01, 70-1208-02, 70-1208-03
70-1304-01, 70-1304-02, 70-1304-03
70-1308-01, 70-1308-02, 70-1308-03
70-1404-01, 70-1404-02, 70-1404-03
70-1408-01, 70-1408-02, 70-1408-03
70-1914-02, 70-1914-03
70-1918-02, 70-1918-03

20 years of the finest quality without any incidents requiring reporting speak for themselves.
We very much regret to inform you that, with immediate effect, this product line will no longer be available.
All current orders will, unfortunately, have to be cancelled.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your ZMI Team


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